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ALL matches are played in Köö 7, Kirchengasse 41 (7th district Vienna)


Thank's go to Felix Knoll for promoting the draw!



AustriaGermanyEnglandSerbiaNetherlandsSwitzerlandCroatiaCzech RepublicSlovakiaBosnia and HerzegovinaIndiaKazakhstanAustraliaHungaryWalesBelgiumMaltaScotland

  Name Nationality Registration Status
1. Jack Bradford (WAL) Wales confirmed
2. Philipp Koch (AUT) Austria confirmed
3. Robert Kovačević (BIH) Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed
4. Christian Donhofer (AUT) Austria confirmed
5. Rick Kraaijeveld (AUT) Austria confirmed
6. Jakub Rendla (CZE) Czech Republic confirmed
7. Alen Rašan (CRO) Croatia confirmed
8. Jan Jedounek (CZE) Czech Republic confirmed
9. Rainer Bittner (AUT) Austria confirmed
10. Wolfgang Würschinger (AUT) Austria confirmed
11. Clemens Kunkel (AUT) Austria confirmed
12. Jérôme Liedtke (AUT) Austria confirmed
13. Luis Vetter (SUI) Switzerland confirmed
14. Francisco Domingues (POR) Portugal confirmed
15. Alexandre Bossard (FRA) France confirmed
16. Attila Gergely Horváth (HUN) Hungary confirmed
17. Radek Luner (CZE) Czech Republic confirmed
18. Muirs Katanić (BIH) Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed
19. Edin Kovačević (BIH) Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed
20. Christian Kasparek (AUT)  Austria  confirmed
21. Marcel Rešovský (SVK) Slovakia confirmed
22. František Stríbrnský (SVK) Slovakia confirmed
23. Jiří Blažek (CZE) Czech Republic confirmed
24. Paul Schopf (AUT) Austria confirmed
25. Daniel Holoyda (POL) Poland confirmed
26. Francisco Rodríguez (ESP) Spain confirmed
27. Jorge Martín (ARG)  Argentina confirmed
28. Aleix Melià (ESP) Spain confirmed
29. Miroslav Šedo (SVK) Slovakia confirmed
30. Gareth Allen (WAL) Wales confirmed
31. Wayne Brown (ENG) England confirmed
32. Florian Toth (AUT) Austria confirmed
33. Markus Pfistermüller (AUT) Austria confirmed
34. Gerhard Klopf (AUT) Austria confirmed
35. Danijel Vranješ (BIH) Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed
36. Danny Connolly (ENG) England confirmed
37. Sebastian Hainzl (AUT) Austria confirmed
38. Dominik Scherübl (AUT) Austria confirmed
39. Miroslav Matovič (SVK) Slovakia confirmed
40. Vladimír Mikula (SVK) Slovakia confirmed
41. Lukáš Harsa (SVK) Slovakia confirmed
42. Peter Ebdon (ENG) England confirmed
43. Mark Davis (ENG) England confirmed
44. Bojan Janković (SRB) Serbia(Yugoslavia) confirmed
45. Andreas Jurdak (AUT) Austria confirmed
46. Wolfgang Thaler (ITA) Italy confirmed
47. Jakob Berger (AUT) Austria confirmed
48. Andreas Gugler (AUT) Austria confirmed
49. Simon Dent (ENG) England confirmed
50. Daniel Göschl (AUT) Austria confirmed
51. Christian Pleschko (AUT) Austria confirmed
52. Alexander Tröster (AUT) Austria confirmed
53. Manuel Pomwenger (AUT) Austria confirmed
54. Arno Wild (AUT) Austria confirmed
55. Mathias Kopf (AUT) Austria confirmed
56. Jürgen Bischof (AUT) Austria confirmed
57. Joachim Gantner (AUT) Austria confirmed
58. Bernhard Müllner (AUT) Austria confirmed
59. Gábor Dimitrov (HUN) Hungary confirmed
60. Tom Zimmermann (SUI) Switzerland confirmed
61. Andreas Haselbruner (AUT) Austria confirmed
62. Florian Nüßle (AUT)  Austria  confirmed
63. Stephen Croft (ENG)  England  confirmed
64. Allan Taylor (ENG)  England  confirmed
65. Gary Wilson (ENG)  England  confirmed
66. Patrick Ruß (AUT) Austria confirmed
67. James Cahill (ENG)  England  confirmed
68. Daniel Schneider (GER) Germany confirmed
69. Ross Muir (SCO) Scotland confirmed
70. Miloš Popovič (SVK) Slovakia confirmed
71. Dene O’Kane  New Zealand  confirmed
72. Hans Nirnberger (AUT) Austria confirmed
73. Garry Balter (AUT) Austria confirmed
74. Kevin Čižmarovič (SVK) Slovakia confirmed
75. Marián Kepšta (SVK) Slovakia confirmed
76. Peter Košč (SVK) Slovakia confirmed
77. Thomas Janzso (AUT) Austria confirmed
78. Robert Parik (AUT) Austria confirmed
79. Mark King (ENG)  England confirmed
80. Aamir Husain (IND) India confirmed




  Entry fee paid  
I. Adam Horáček (SVK) Slovakia waiting
II. Patrik Sedlák (SVK) Slovakia waiting
III. Garri Kozhanovskiy (KAZ) Kazakhstan waiting
IV. Vladimir Kozhanovskiy (KAZ) Kazakhstan waiting
V. Patrik Horák (SVK) Slovakia waiting
VI. Balázs Kiss (HUN) Hungary waiting
VII. Bernhard Wallner (AUT) Austria waiting
VIII. Peter Longauer (SVK) Slovakia waiting
IX. Ede Dunai (HUN) Hungary waiting
X. Emanuel Stegmeier (AUT) Austria waiting
XI. Franz Kovacs (AUT) Austria waiting
XII. Kristof Singer (AUT) Austria waiting




  Entry fee not yet paid  
  Zijad Redžić (BIH) Bosnia and Herzegovina registered
  Murat Ayas (SUI) Switzerland registered
  Edin Omerović (BIH) Bosnia and Herzegovina registered
  Dino Arifagić (BIH) Bosnia and Herzegovina registered
  Adi Šaković (BIH) Bosnia and Herzegovina registered
  Faris Vučkić (BIH) Bosnia and Herzegovina registered
  Mario-Željo Milošević (BIH) Bosnia and Herzegovina registered
  Patryk Masłowski (POL) Poland registered
  Dani Komi (AUT) Austria registered
  Guillermo Zapata (BOL) Bolivia registered
  Gheorghe Marian Botezatu (ROM) Romania registered
  Thomas Pisan (AUT) Austria registered
  Jindřich Prchal (CZE) Czech Republic registered