The Last 32: The tournament is nearing its final stage!

After World Champion Luca Brecel was unable to appear at the venue due to illness, Lukas Kleckers automatically made it into the round of 16.

Tom Ford was in good form when he won 3-0 against Jed Mann. Tom opened the game with a 63 and played a century of 105 points to finish.

Robert Milkins advanced in similar fashion with 3:0 against Eric Ruiz. Robert played an 82 in frame number 2.

David Grace started the game with a break of 57 against Mario Bodlos, who won the 2nd frame. But David then took the next two frames for a 3-1 victory.

In a closely contested match, Allan Taylor beat Garry Balter 3-1. Garry was able to grab the 3rd frame, but got the short end of the stick in the other frames.

Alexander Ursenbacher was also able to celebrate a 3:1 victory against Wayne Brown. After Wayne was able to get the 3rd frame, Alexander played a 73 to win the match.

The Austrian Florian Nüßle had to go into a decider against Daan Leyssen. After a 2-1 lead, Daan played a 69 to force the decider. There, however, Florian kept his cool and fixed his place in the round of 16 with an 80 break.

Nigel Bond simply completed his task against Martin Oriňák with a 3-0 victory. In frame one, Nigel played a strong 83. After struggling a bit in the 2nd frame, he was able to win frame number 3 in solid fashion again.

The "century man" of the last 32 was Jack Bradford, who played two breaks of 115 points in his 3-1 victory over Fabian Haken.

Iulian Boiko finished off Danny Conolly 3-0. He played breaks of 75 and 54 points in the first two frames. Billy Castle also beat Thomas Janzso 3-0.

In the Austrian duel between Hans Nirnberger and Paul Schopf, Hans was able to prevail 3:1 and sensationally made it into the round of 16 after he finished third in his group. Paul took a 1-0 lead, but lost the next 3 frames in a row. In the 3rd frame, Hans played a 60c.

Anton Kazakov played breaks of 55 and 60 points in the first two frames of his match against Daniel Schneider, which Anton won 3-0.

In the match between Craig Steadman and Oskar Charlesworth, Craig won 3-0. Craig played a 55 in the first frame and an 87 in frame 2.

Stephen Kershaw won a lengthy match against Bulcsú Révész 3:1. Bulcsú took the 1st frame with a 60 break. Despite a hard fight, Stephen won the remaining 3 frames relatively clear. In the last frame, he played an important 64 to secure the victory.

Ian Martin and Phillipp Koch played their game for a similar amount of time. Every frame was hard-fought, but in the end Ian prevailed 3-1.

Liebe Snooker-Enthusiastinnen und -Enthusiasten,

leider hat uns Weltmeister Luca Brecel mitgeteilt, dass er erkrankt ist und nicht mehr am Vienna Snooker Open teilnehmen kann. Wir sind sehr dankbar für Lucas Teilnahme an unserer Veranstaltung und wünschen ihm eine schnelle Genesung!

Es tut uns sehr leid für diejenigen, die gekommen sind, um ihn zu sehen. Vergessen Sie aber nicht, dass Robert Milkins, Tom Ford und viele weitere Stars an diesem Wochenende um den Sieg beim Vienna Snooker Open kämpfen! Vielleicht wird ja noch ein weiteres Maximum-Break auf unseren Tischen im KÖÖ 7 gespielt!

Ihr VSO-Team


Dear Snooker enthusiasts,

unfortunately World Champion Luca Brecel informed us that he got sick and had to withdraw from the Vienna Snooker Open. We are thankful that Luca came to participate in our event and wish him a speedy recovery!

We are very sorry for those who came to see him. But do not forget that we have the likes of Robert Milkins, Tom Ford and many other stars competing for the Vienna Snooker Open Trophy this weekend! You might see another 147 at our tables in KÖÖ 7!

Your VSO-Team

Friday: World Champion Luca Brecel at the Vienna Snooker Open - Florian Nüßle and Paul Schopf win their groups!

It actually happened! 4 days after his World Championship title triumph, Luca Brecel played on the tables at Kirchengasse 41. In his first frame, Luca played a century with 119 points and also won the next 7 straight frames in the group stage. Luca is waiting for the winner of Lukas Kleckers' game against Taras Ulianchenko in the round of the last 32, which starts at 1 p.m. on Saturday.

From an Austrian point of view, there are 2 group victories to celebrate. Florian Nüßle won Group J solidly with a frame ratio of 8:0 and played superb breaks of 93 and 91 points. Paul Schopf earned a 2-1 victory over Daan Leyssen to top Group P.

Allan Taylor and Nigel Bond are the only other group winners who did not drop a frame. Anton Kazakov, Jack Bradford & Paul Schopf lost only one frame each and Billy Castle had to go into a decider twice in a difficult group.

On Saturday at 10 a.m. we will continue with the intermediate round, which will be opened by the professional Lukas Kleckers. The other stars will return to the snooker table at 1 p.m.!

We are looking forward to the numerous visitors again as the tournament progresses into the knockout phase!


Thursday: Tom Ford is Mr. 147 again!


He did it! Tom Ford played his second maximum break at the Vienna Snooker Open on Thursday! After playing the first maximum break in VSO history in 2018 on table 19 at KÖÖ 7, he managed another 147 in the group stage in 2023 on the exact same table as 5 years ago.

The only little surprise of the day was Ian Martin, who defeated Lukas Kleckers 2-1 in Group G. So Lukas has to go through the intermediate round on Saturday morning and Ian goes straight into the round of 32. Robert Milkins, Tom Ford, David Grace, Alexander Ursenbacher, Craig Steadman and Bulcsú Révész asserted themselves solidly in their groups without dropping a single frame. Iulian Boiko also won his group, losing only one frame to Stephen Kershaw.

Tomorrow, Friday, the time has come! At 5 p.m., reigning world champion Luca Brecel will be at the snooker table in KÖÖ 7! Florian Nüßle, Allan Taylor, Nigel Bond, and many more will also be playing their group stage. Starting at 10 a.m. there will be plenty of snooker to watch again at Kirchengasse 41. Have fun and enjoy the game!