Final: Florian Nüßle - your Vienna Snooker Open Champion 2023!

Fantastic Florian did it! Florian Nüßle defeated Lukas Kleckers in the final of the Vienna Snooker Open 2023 pretty dominant with 5-0. From the beginning Florian was fully focused and in his groove. He played an 89 break in the first frame and followed it up with 50 & 52 in the next 2 frames. Florian went into the break with a commanding 4-0 lead. Lukas just couldn't find his rhythm and luck wasn't on his side most of the time. After the break, Florian played himself one step closer to the big triumph with a 51. Lukas tried to fight back somehow, but it just wasn't meant to be for the 26-year-old German from Essen. At the award ceremony, he said how much he enjoyed the event and that he plans to come back next year.

Florian Nüßle- Winner Vienna Snooker Open 2023

Florian said in the winner's interview that by winning the Vienna Snooker Open, he achieved one of his bigger goals of winning a international tournament with a strong field of participants in Austria. This is probably the biggest win of Florians Career after his triumph at the U21 Amateur World Championships. The VSO team & the 15Reds warmly congratulate Florian on the tournament win and Lukas on a fantastic tournament as well!

Many thanks to the KÖÖ 7 and their hardworking staff, the 15 Reds Snooker Club, the sponsors, all professional and amateur players, the fans and especially to the entire VSO team for making this event possible!

Semi-final: Florian Nüßle and Lukas Kleckers advance to the final!

After Robert Milkins, the number 24 in the world rankings also had to take his turn. Florian Nüßle defeated Tom Ford in a fascinating way with 4:2. In the first frame Florian played a 65, before Tom answered with a 62 in the second frame. At 1-1, Florian took the next two frames, playing a 72 and a 51c. Trailing 1:3, Tom showed up again with an 88 break to cut the gap to 2:3. But Florian left no way open for a comeback and finished the match in style with a 117 century break. Florian is now in the Vienna Snooker Open final for the first time.

His opponent in the final is Lukas Kleckers. Lukas punished Alexander Ursenbacher for almost every mistake and won 4:1. In the first two frames Lukas played breaks of 72 and 54 to establish a 2:0 lead. Alexander took frame 3 by playing a 56 break. But then Lukas turned it up again and played consecutive breaks of 111 and 76 points. This is also Lukas' first final at the Vienna Snooker Open.

The final will be played at 6 p.m. in a best of 9 format and presents us with a snooker version of the cult duel Austria vs Germany. Good luck and have fun to both finalists!

Quarterfinal: Florian Nüßle eliminates Robert Milkins!

21 year old Austrian Florian Nüßle defeated world number 13 Robert Milkins 3:1! Florian took the first frame despite a 57 break from Robert and established a 2:0 lead in frame 2 with a 59 of his own. Robert then made it 2-1, but things got close again in frame 4. Robert was in the break until he missed the final blue with the rest. Florian had some luck with blue, but then managed to win a safety battle on pink and the match.

Tom Ford and Craig Steadman exchanged blows in their quarterfinal. Tom opened with a 64 to secure frame number 1. Craig responded with a 70 to tie the match at 1-1. A tighter 3rd frame was again secured by Tom before Craig played a 139 clearence. The match went into a decider where Tom closed the bag with an 84 clearence to secure a 3-2 win.

The match between Alexander Ursenbacher and David Grace also went into a decider. Alexander won a tight first frame and David answered with breaks of 55 and 64 points in the following two frames. Alexander fought his way into the 4th frame to force a decider. Alexander won the decider quite clearly and secured a place in the semi-finals with a score of 3:2.

At last, Lukas Kleckers completed a comeback against Nigel Bond. Nigel was leading 2:0 after playing a 63 in the 2nd frame. But Lukas answered with a 51 and also won the 4th frame solidly. In the decider Lukas made a decisive 76 break and turned the match to 3:2 in his favour.

In the semi-finals Florian Nüßle and Tom Ford, plus Lukas Kleckers and Alexander Ursenbacher will meet. Come by and don't miss any of the action from the rest of the final day!

The last 16: Florian Nüßle fights his way into the quarter-finals!

The Austrian snooker talent Florian Nüßle had to go yet through another decider against Ian Martin. Ian played a 79 in the 2nd frame. After winning one of the following two frames in this matchup, Florian had to fight hard for a place in the quarterfinals of the Vienna Snooker Open. But he managed to do so in a high tensioned deciding frame.

David Grace took a 2-0 lead against Billy Castle after playing a 74 in frame 2. Billy was able to steal the 3rd frame with a 68 and even tied the game. However, in the decider David never lost his cool and played a great 133 break for the 3:2 victory.

There was a thriller between Nigel Bond and Allan Taylor. They took turns fetching the frames until a decider occurred. Allan played breaks of 51 and 61 points in the frames he won. Allan also had a 56 break in the decider before he failed a split and Nigel was able to win the game 3:2 with a crutial 69.

In the duel between Alexander Ursenbacher and Iulian Boiko, Iulian was able to get the first frame with a 79. Alexander answered with a nice 94 and was also able to get the hard fought 3rd frame. In frame number 4, Alexander played a 55 break and won 3-1 in the end.

With breaks of 58, 61 and 94 points, Tom Ford secured his place in the quarterfinals. He played against Stephen Kershaw, who won the 3rd frame, but lost 3-1.

Lukas Kleckers went to work against Hans Nirnberger. He played breaks of 66, 51 and 113 points to celebrate a clear 3-0 victory.

It took a show of strength for Robert Milkins, who faced a well playing Jack Bradford. In the 1st frame, Jack made a break of 60 points, but Robert played a 65 and grabbed the frame. In frames 2 and 3, breaks of 61 and 58 points were enough for Jack to win the frame. Robert fought his way through the 4th frame and was able to force the game into a decider. There, Robert played an 80 and won the game 3-2.

Craig Steadman defeated the young Ukrainian Anton Kazakov 3:1. Craig won the 1st frame with an important 50 break. Frame 2 also clearly went Craigs way and the 3rd frame was won by Anton. In frame number 4, Craig made a decisive 90 for the match.

In the quarterfinals, which start on Sunday at 12 noon, the following matches will take place:

Lukas Kleckers vs Nigel Bond

Alexander Ursenbacher vs David Grace

Tom Ford vs Craig Steadman

Florian Nüßle vs Robert Milkins

Enjoy the final stage of the Vienna Snooker Open 2023!